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The McManus Comedies
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A terrific show,  wonderfully well delivered  to our sold out audience:  energetic, nuanced, smart.

The McManus Comedies comprise six distinct one-man shows dedicated to one thing: making the audience laugh loud, hard and long! Each of the shows is built around a unique theme, and each stands on its own as an individual piece of theatre. Comprised of two acts, each show lasts about two hours with an intermission. Each show is G-Rated, fun, family entertainment.

The first five were penned by nationally renowned humorist Patrick F. McManus. All shows star Pat’s indentured actor, Tim Behrens. The last one, McManus & Me, is written jointly by McManus and Behrens.

Separate “private” shows are available for conferences, conventions and business gatherings. Depending on need, a conference show runs 45 to 70 minutes. Tim crafts each conference show to include McManus stories that relate directly to the interests of the specific group or convention.

Many in the audience will have read Pat’s humorous fiction in Field and Stream or Outdoor Life for years or in one of his 24 best-selling books…..and they delight in this transformation from the Page to the Stage.

While distinct and separate, all of these shows feature a host of denizens from Pat’s fictional home town of Blight, Idaho (just 6 miles south of Famine, Idaho). Tim portrays more than 45 of these zany characters, like: the smelly old woodsman Rancid Crabtree, who doesn’t take baths because he knows soap and water will eat holes in your protective crust; Melba Peachbottom, the most beautiful girl in the county; the irascible instigator Crazy Eddie Muldoon; daft old Mrs. Swisher, who regularly reports those who are “in cahoots with the devil” to the sheriff; 100-year-old Ed who falls asleep in the middle of…anything; Olga Bonemarrow, Manny Fogg, Retch Sweeney and a host of other humans, animals and even objects!

Look over the show descriptions to the left and choose one! If your community has never presented a McManus show, it might be best to start with the first in the series: A Fine and Pleasant Misery, which introduces you to several of the characters and to the flora and fauna that is Blight.

I laughed until my chest ached & my face hurt. Then I laughed harder.



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McManus and Me

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