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Pot Luck

Pat has assembled a pot luck of stories that assembled by his own cornucopia of characters: Rancid Crabtree, Mrs. Swisher, Crazy Eddie, Mr. Muldoon, the 100 year old Ed, a disconcerted alien and a pig gone hog wild, not to mention Space Aliens and ghosts!

The evening is spiced with some of Pat’s more outrageous and ingeniously wacky commentary, like a lecture on ethics and what to do about them, and an original ghost story. POT LUCK brings a new dimension to Pat’s wonderful, uproarious world. Traditional McManus humor is interwoven with moments which tug at the heart as well as the funny bone.

Once again, real actor Tim Behrens plays Pat and everything else that moves - even the one that got away!



A clip from Pot Luck

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