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Poor Again... Dagnabbit

Nationally renowned humor writer Patrick F. McManus has done it again….become poor! And this time he’s written a new play about it for his even poorer and indentured actor, Tim Behrens, to perform and tour. This will be the first play Pat has written for Tim in more than 12 years, and they both believe the world needs it!

“The worldwide recession continues to increase the spread of laughlessness across the land,” says Behrens, “and we aim to do our part to combat this situation.”

Both author and actor guarantee laughs as they describe Pat’s childhood of poverty, his confrontations with wolves at the door, his inspired descriptions of the Great Depression’s impacts on everything from cars to maggot farming, from school assignments to dating. Discover how to make, and inventively present, poverty foods like blood sausage, head cheese and turkey gravy.

Pat’s account of his current situation…once again falling from success to poverty… culminates in a conversation with Old Ed, Pat’s 100 year-old friend, who puts love and life into perspective …if only he can stay awake long enough.


A clip from Poor Again... Dagnabbit

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