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Pat's Bio

Patrick F. McManus - Best Selling Humor Writer

Pat was the monthly humor columnist and associate editor at Field and Stream Magazine from 1977-1982, and monthly humor columnist (the “Last Laugh” column) and Editor-At-Large for Outdoor Life Magazine from 1982-2009.
His books have sold more than 5 million copies.

BOOKS more than 6 million sold
• A Fine And Pleasant Misery (’78)
• Kid Camping From Aaaiii! To Zip (‘79)
• They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They? (‘81)
• Never Sniff A Gift Fish (‘83)*
• The Grasshopper Trap (‘85)*
• Rubber Legs And White Tail-Hairs (‘87)*
• The Night The Bear Ate Goombaw (‘89)*
• Whatchagot Stew (‘89)
(With Patricia “The Troll” McManus Gass)
• Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink (‘91)*
• The Good Samaritan Strikes Again (‘92)*
• How I Got This Way (‘94)
• Never Cry Arp! (‘96)
• Into The Twilight, Endlessly Grousing (‘97)
• The Deer On A Bicycle (‘00)
• The Bear In The Attic (‘02)
• The Blight Way (‘06)
• Avalanche (‘07)
• Kerplunk! (‘07)
• The Double-Jack Murders (‘09)
• The Huckleberry Murders (‘10)
• The Horse in My Garage and Other Stories (‘13)
• The Tamarack Murders (‘13)
• Circles in the Snow (‘14)

* Appeared on the New York Times Best Seller’s List

• A Fine And Pleasant Misery: The Humor Of Patrick F. McManus (‘92) A One-Man Show Starring Tim Behrens, Currently Touring

• McManus In Love (‘95) A One-Man Show Starring Tim Behrens, Currently Touring

• Pot Luck (‘99) A One-Man Show Starring Tim Behrens, Currently Touring

• Scrambled McManus (‘99) A One-Man Show Starring Tim Behrens, Currently Touring

• Poor Again... Dagnabbit! (‘09) A One-Man Show Starring Tim Behrens, Currently Touring

• McManus and Me (’13) by Patrick AND Tim Behrens, a One-Man Show starring Tim Behrens, currently touring

Tim has performed Pat’s stage comedies in 1,600 public performances, 400 school shows and more than 200 corporate shows. They have toured through 23 states and 3 Canadian provinces to more than 450,000 pretty happy folk.

• Professor, English and Journalism, Eastern Washington University, 1960-83; Professor Emeritus, EWU
• Associate Editor: Field and Stream. 1977-1982
• Editor-at-Large: Outdoor Life, 1982-2009
• Freelance Writer: Reader’s Digest, TV Guide, Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, New York Times, and many other publications.

HONORS (partial list)
• Who’s Who in America, Literature & Education, ‘95
• Idaho’s Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature and Writing, ‘95
• Founder’s Day Medal, Eastern Washington University, ‘94
• Washington State University’s Distinguished Achievement Award, ‘93
• WSU Alumni Achievement Award, ‘88
• Excellence in Craft, Outdoor Writers’ Association Of America, ‘86
• Trustees Medal, Eastern Washington University, ‘84
• Governor’s Award for Literature, Washington State, ‘83
• Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Award for Literary Excellence, ‘83

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 Patrick F. McManus

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