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The McManus Comedies
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Scrambled McManus

A One-Man Stage Comedy

To celebrate more than 20 years of touring, to acknowledge the long and faithful support of McManus fans everywhere, and to continue the laughter, Pat and Tim developed a new show. McManus and Me not only highlights favorite McManus stories and characters, but shares some of the back stories behind the comedies.
Tim recounts some of the most hilarious, frightening and bizarre misadventures that occurred across more than ½ million miles of touring! And that’s just when Pat was driving! Tim shares how the shows came to be, offers bulletins from backstage and recounts misadventures on the road from Provo to Providence, from Fort St. John to Austin.

Often, people conclude that the entertainment business means glamour and riches. Tim’s stories correct that notion!
Learn how the first production suffered from a 20-minute break due to actor malfunction! Find out why Pat and Tim were almost arrested for laughing too hard in a Holiday Inn restaurant while creating McManus In Love. Relive Tim’s performance on the smallest stage in the world in a Basque Hotel in Winnemucca. And discover why the Mountain Mamas had to “borrow” landing lights from the Stanley, Idaho airport in order to illuminate the stage!
The show guarantees bouts of irrepressible laughter as Tim once again portrays more than 12 McManus characters and a couple of his own!



A clip from McManus & Me

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