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The McManus Comedies
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What folks say


“I write on behalf of Tim Behrens, an actor whose work I have admired for a long time. Tim’s work, especially in comedy, is absolutely outstanding. When needed, he can push the envelope, and he can also be extremely subtle, still making a major impact. I strongly urge you to book his shows. He is loaded with talent and is a definite crowd pleaser.”
Most sincerely,

the late Jack Lemmon, actor

“The shows are hilarious. They are laugh-packed and remind you of a cross between Mark Twain and Bill Cosby. Don’t miss these shows!”
The Billings, MT, Gazette

“The Nampa Civic Center has presented the McManus Comedies more than any other arts program over the past 8 years. Each of the programs are packed with laughter featuring some of the most bizarre characters on earth, all portrayed by Tim. Even if you are not a fan of McManus’ best-selling books, these shows are great entertainment, and they appeal to both traditional theater patrons and people who normally might never set foot inside a theater.
For many communities, including ours, these shows are a “Nutcracker” type selling show, often selling themselves! It is rare that you find an artist that has high artistic performance, sells like crazy and can encourage arts education. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy it all.”

Bill Stephan,
former Director, the Civic Center, Nampa, ID

“Sometimes, the laughter is so loud it hurts my ears.”
Tim Behrens

Show Reviews 1993-2010

“The play brought jolts of laughter to the Discovery Theatre’s sold-out performance as actor Tim Behrens worked nothing short of magic into the realm of these tales set amongst a sparse collection of junk, a rocking chair, and a porch railing. Behrens cooked up a perfect delivery. The man seated next to me had such hard time breathing from laughing so violently that it resulted in odd-sounding snorts and gasps that were so loud!”
The Anchorage Daily News

“The ensuing pandemonium is evoked with such vivid lushness that the audience, already moved to tears of laughter, were reduced to banging their heads on their knees in a rictus of paralyzed delight. Behrens is a wonder at bringing to life the inhabitants of McManus’ fictional childhood...the anecdotes are hilarious.” 
The Seattle Times

“Behrens did a masterful job. He promised you’ll laugh until it hurts and they [the audience] did.” 
The Detroit News, Detroit MI

“Behrens’ brand of humor keeps the show fast-paced, raucous and fun to watch.” 
The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City UT 

“People were laughing so hard, and for so long, I was afraid paramedics would need to be called in! The audience was in stitches, and speaking of stitches, I was afraid some people might end up needing a few. For busted guts, and that sort of thing.” 
Spokesman-Review, Spokane WA

“One does not need to have ever read a word of McManus’ to enjoy this production. The two-act play is a must-see for anyone.” 
Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Moscow ID

“If you’ve ever been afraid of the dark, [this show] offers you an opportunity to send that specter fleeing, chased away by belly-rolling laughter.” 
White Bear Press, St. Paul MN

“One-man play’s author and actor guaranteed laughs, and they deliver.” 
Casper Star-Tribune, Casper WY

“Behrens’ portrayals of unique characters were warm, real and often funny to the point of tears.” 
The Flint Journal, Flint MI

“The evening’s laugh quotient is almost off the chart as Behrens darts through the boys’ search for meaningful advice on dating.”
Deseret News, Salt Lake City UT

“In many ways, McManus in Love is reminiscent of the old Bill Cosby comedy routines which generations of kids memorized by listening to them on LP Albums.”
Red Wing Republican Eagle, MN

“Behrens was nothing short of amazing. Facial expressions, body language and tone of voice were the only tools he used to portray over a dozen unforgettable characters. His timing and delivery were excellent, and according to comments heard during intermission, he had more than one person “sobbing with laughter.”
Comox Valley Record, British Columbia

“I laughed until my chest ached and my face hurt. Then I laughed harder.” 
Billings Gazette, Billings MT

“This G-rated play had people laughing so hard, they cried!”
The Register Guard, Eugene, Oregon

“Nearly two weeks later, and every day since your sold out performance someone has told me how much they enjoyed your side-splitting performance. I’ve never heard such sustained laughter in the theater…” Lori Patrick,
Cultural Arts Manager, City of Auburn, WA

“A terrific show, wonderfully well delivered to our sold out audience: energetic, nuanced, smart.”
Development Director,
the Reif Center, Grand Rapids, MN

“McManus is a master of words...and Behrens is a master of expression.” 
Wood River Journal, Sun Valley ID