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The McManus Comedies
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DVDs of the complete live stage performances of the McManus Comedies are now available.

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5 DVD BOX SET new Click Here to Buy
Includes Pot Luck, Scrambled McManus, Poor Again... Dagnabbit!, A Fine & Pleasant Misery and McManus in Love
Nationally renowned humor writer Patrick F. McManus successfully made the transition from the page to the stage by crafting five distinct stage plays for actor Tim Behrens. The results of that creative collaboration between author and actor have delighted audiences of more than ½ million in 23 states for the past 20 years. Now those shows are all available here, on DVD, for one low price.

Only $65.00 New Lower Price!
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

A Fine and Pleasant Misery is the first show, the granddaddy of all the other plays. Pat wondered if his humorous stories about growing up in rural America might work on the stage. Using his own fear of the dark as a theme, he wove together favorite stories to create this tapestry of mirth.
As he rummages through his old trunk, Pat triggers recollections of boyhood stories. Join Pat and Crazy Eddie Muldoon as they try to defeat their fear of the dark, and take 12 other denizens of Blight, Idaho, on a journey filled with laughter in a world that is all too serious!

Only $15.00 (Reduced from $20.00)
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

McMANUS IN LOVE Click Here to Buy
McManus In Love is the “sequel” to A Fine and Pleasant Misery. As they grow up, Pat and Crazy Eddie Muldoon discover that their fear of the dark is child’s play compared to their fear of…..girls!
Actor Tim Behrens brings to life all the denizens of Blight, Idaho, Pat’s hometown, as the boys seek advice and instruction on the fine art of dating. The play culminates as Pat takes Melba Peachbottom to the movies….on a date neither of them will want to remember.
Pat and Tim guarantee that if your children see this show, they will delay their first date until age 27.

Only $15.00 (Reduced from $20.00)
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

POT LUCK new Click Here to Buy
Pot Luck contains the most bizarre and weirdest of all the McManus stories. Pat’s abduction by space aliens, a ghost story, Pat’s education as a deep sea diver, a lecture on ethics, the Grasshopper Trap and all the Muldoons’ cows figure prominently. And finally, hear how that dang camping trip ends with Pat’s mentor, the 100 year old Ed.

Only $15.00 (Reduced from $20.00)
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

SCRAMBLED McMANUS new Click Here to Buy
Scrambled McManus is a bumper crop of tales harvested from the first three McManus Comedies, served up with 30 minutes of totally new material.
The structure of the evening is an exploration of the very nature of story itself: what makes a story, what possible purpose does it serve? The set, six stools and a bunch of empty space, provides a clean and neat simplicity to perfectly accompany the answers to these questions. Answers that will have you laughing louder than you have in a long time!

Only $15.00 (Reduced from $20.00)
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

POOR AGAIN... DAGNABBIT! new Click Here to Buy
Renowned humor writer Patrick F. McManus has done it again….become poor! And this time he’s written a play about it, Poor Again…Dagnabbit!, for his even poorer and indentured actor, Tim Behrens. Learn how to cut expenses by eliminating frills like food and work, and how to fight the energy crisis by staying cold.
See Tim portray Miss Deets and her entire third grade class, boys and girls, in the story, Show and Tell. In addition, Tim portrays more than 24 other characters, several night crawlers…and a sequential vortex. Yikes!

Only $15.00 (Reduced from $20.00)
plus sales tax and very reasonable shipping & handling

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