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The McManus Comedies
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Conference and Corporate

At the end of a typical conference or convention, do you feel…

Run Down, Irriatable, Not quite yourself?

If you checked the boxes above, you need a guaranteed way to bring Waves of Laughter to
your conference or convention.

Hassle-free entertainment for your event

McManus shows require minimal staging and lighting…adaptable to any venue.
“This was a terrific and easy way to thank those that help make your business a success. I highly recommend the work of Tim Behrens.”
J.J. Steve Walker, President, Walker Construction

Customization: We tailor the length of the show to fit your schedule, and Tim can work some material about your members into the show in a tasteful and fun way.
“I would recommend your services to any corporate planner.
You also did a great job in customizing the show to suit our audience…”
Michele Cronen, Idaho Society of CPAs

Compliments: You receive the accolades!
“You were the frosting on the cake for our Pacific NW Shriners. You left them rolling in the aisles. Everybody could relate to the stories you told. I have never seen so many people laughing so hard…..” 
Jack Swainson, Pacific NW Shriners





Companies and organizations that have booked and complimented our shows!

• Phillips Petroleum
• Young Presidents of America
• Red Wing Shoe Company
• Idaho and Washington Governor’s Conference
• Rio Tinto
• Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
• Washington State University
• Safeco Insurance
• Washington, Oregon and Idaho Departments of Fish and Wildlife
• Wilbur-Ellis Co.
• Superior Court Judges of Washington
• Peabody Energy
• National Shriner’s Convention
• National Association of CPAs
• National Associations of Orthopedic Surgeons
• Boy Scouts of America Jubilees

Numerous national and regional law, medical and accounting associations



We were well entertained and I would recommend your show to any business or convention without hesitation…

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