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The McManus Comedies
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A note from Tim upon Pat’s passing in early April:

Patrick F. McManus
For 26 years it has been my great honor to be Pat’s "indentured actor," to portray on stage the wild and wacky characters that populate Pat's fictional home town of Blight, Idaho. That experience carries incredible memories of working and traveling with Pat, but also of the loving and responsive half-million-member "McManus audiences" that have come to more than 1600 shows in 23 states. Often, the laughter in the theater is so loud it hurts my ears.

Victor Borge once said that "laughter is the shortest distance between two people." Pat's stories made that connection real for so many people. His writing allowed audiences or readers to insert their own fathers or brothers or grandmothers into these stories....and even to help them overcome difficult times, using laughter as a tool to help find peace.

It is not easy when an actor loses his writer, his mentor, his friend, his inspiration.... but Pat taught me that humor will help me get through this, so that I can continue to bring laughter to as many people as possible. He also taught me that People may end, but stories never do. The laughter they provide endures and comforts.
Thank you, Pat.

The McManus Comedies are comprised of six G-rated, one-man stage shows that bring to life more than 40 zany denizens of Blight, Idaho, the fictional home town of nationally renowned humor writer Patrick F. McManus. As a Seattle Times critic noted: “the audience, already moved to tears of laughter, were reduced to banging their heads on their knees in a rictus of paralyzed delight." (Whatever that means, we hope no one was hurt!)

While Tim is still accepting bookings from both theatres and private/corporate/convention/holiday shows, something Original, Exciting and NEW looms on the horizon: The McManus Musical!
OK, OK, it’s not Phantom or Brigadoon, but it may be just as innovative!
It’s called

My Favorite Toy Was Dirt,
An American Story in Concert!

And it’s scored for 7 Musicians and one actor, me!

Dirt contains original McManus stories put to and surrounded by original, authentic, and wildly creative music. The composer is Olivia Brownlee, a talented singer, musician, composer, arranger, and artist.

We have a Kickstarter page to help us raise enough startup funds to finish the score, determine the final orchestrations and begin performing.

The musicians become an integral part of the performance, as they interrupt, interject, and also interfere with the proceedings. Still confused? Think Mark Twain meets Spike Jones! Or the Marx Brothers meet Frank Zappa. Or Peter and the Wolf on steroids where nobody dies in the end.

Once we raise the needed funds, we will premiere the new work in October of 2018! Once again, we hope to have your audiences laughing long, loud and hard. The story telling is universal, accessible, imaginative, intelligent, and most of all, funny. As the Cultural Arts Director in Auburn, WA, said: “I have never heard such sustained laughter in a theatre.”


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